The Unknown Cost of a Poorly Setup LinkedIn Profile

In a crowded job market, people are being more careful than ever about what they invest in.

For any consumer, the first thing you do is visit a company’s website to research the product, timeliness of delivery and value for money. If the website doesn’t impress, you will surf Google for a rival provider.

Recruiters and potential employers are also doing this every single day. They will visit your social media sites to see if your virtual presence matches your job application. They look to see if you are credible, well-connected and savvy with technology. They look at your photo, your profile’s wording and gain an impression about your ability to fit the job and team culture of the company you are applying to.

I have seen CFOs who have spelling mistakes on their job titles. They have had that profile up for years without anyone telling them the negative impression this was giving the online community. If your social media profiles don’t stack up when compared with other job seekers you may not even receive a phone callback for that job application that you spent hours on.

Remember that you are asking a company to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on hiring you. LinkedIn and Facebook are potential checkpoints for due diligence purposes. They are also communication points for head-hunters to reach out to you regarding jobs that they haven’t even advertised.

If you would like an attractive LinkedIn profile and are not comfortable setting this up yourself, then invest in hiring someone who can set it up for you.

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