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Should market conditions affect my salary expectation?

Any COVID-19 related salary drops should be accompanied by a reasonable sunset clause. This will ensure your pay is reviewed periodically in line with business contributions.  

In hiring negotiations, it is vital to remember to keep the focus on your value, not your price. To understand your worth, you need to understand your key selling points and how they stack up against the vacancy’s hiring criteria. Remember also that “worth” is a relative concept.

In a tough economy, dropping your salary expectation might make you a more attractive option in some employers eyes. There are, however, many hiring managers who may also view your flexibility as a sign of desperation – which potentially could put them off hiring you altogether. The research you need to do includes;

1.       How does the salary range for this position compare with current market averages?

2.       What are the advantages of hiring you over other (possibly cheaper) Job Seekers?

3.       Does the industry, location, scope of duties and work hours justify the pay grade?

On the flip side, it is also essential to determine what value the potential employment opportunity offers your professional development and work-life balance. Will this lower pay-rate be a short-term compromise while you wait for a better offer at another company? Will taking one step back enable you to take two steps forward at a later date? What other job offers do you currently have in hand?

If you would like specific advice on how to relay your current market worth in your resume and interviews, why not reach out for help? The right information can fast-track your employment journey!  Our Director Niki is happy to provide a free quote through LinkedIn Messages, 0434342912 or

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