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FutureProof Staffing will typically review, reject, rewrite and short-list hundreds of resumes each week. Our expertise in this area means that we have seen a lot of impressive resumes over the years, as well as a lot that fall well short of the mark. Particularly for candidates who want to step up a level in their career, or who haven’t changed jobs in a while, it is important to get a professional to cast an eye over your resume or even help you rebuild it into a powerful hiring proposal.

Our resumes are perfect for ensuring that all key hiring information is at the recruiting or deciding manager’s fingertips.  

1. Page-1 is a stylish executive snapshot of your entire career

2. Career history that presents your value proposition in a succinct format 

3. Focussed formatting that highlights your achievements in context

4. Condensing or expanding passages without diluting content

5. Qualifying with quantitative evidence and testimonials

6. 100+ other types of adjustments may be needed as well!

We will put in the work to ensure that your positioning is optimised for the roles you want to land. Whether you need a new professional resume created from scratch, a redesign to freshen your look, or an edit to better position yourself, we can help.

Why get a resume writer


Each job posting has hundreds of applications to navigate and only limited time to investigate. Companies use automated filtering technology which ranks applications in order of relevance. The recruiter is also  trained to manually scan applications quickly and reject 95% of those that apply. Does your resume pass the 7 second scan test? They are working to a client brief which often includes a narrow selection criteria. If the relevance of your resume is communicated badly you will be rejected.

This type of hiring is usually when a family member or friend is doing you a favour. It is much harder to get a paying job when it is an arm’s length transaction. Without a resume you have unproven skills and have not established any sense of trust.

It is very likely that you haven’t positioned yourself correctly. Did you establish the relevance of your overseas experience? Have you established a relevant link between it and the job you want? Are you a former FMCG CFO applying for a SME Book-keeper role?

If your job application is thorough, why should a recruiter believe that you will show more care if actually hired? When clients pay good money to use a recruiter they are not looking to experiment with a risky hire.

We reference a live database of 9 Million Australian based resumes which span all industry sectors and have associated salary bandings. You can rest assured that when we assist you construct your application compare your professional offering against applicants who may be competing for interview slots.

Your resume is one of your most valuable tools for securing interviews. In a competitive job market, the question you should be asking whether you can afford to miss out on a job opportunity due to a poorly written application. For a tiny fraction of your salary or job keeper payment you can give your application a real advantage. A well-written resume is useful not only for now, but easily maintained for all career transitions in the years to come. 

Job seeking is serious business. Only the top 5% of hundreds applicants will progress to interview stages. If your DIY application is not getting any positive responses then you may need professional assistance.

Professionals use the services of other professionals all the time; doctors, lawyers, accountants, image consultants. Our objective opinion can be previous insight if your applications are not receiving any responses.

Unfortunately no. Our business, just like all businesses, has to pay salaries and operating expenses. Just as a doctor, lawyer or an accountant does not work for free, neither do we. If you want a free service, seek out a friend or your local Government Job Network provider. It is worth remembering that a free throw together will be a different quality finished product. The wording of our resumes has been very carefully optimised using industry expertise and specialised technology. Each bespoke finished resume typically represents 3-5 hours of concentrated effort.

A fabulous resume on its own will not guarantee you a job. Our end goal is to increase the probability of your application progressing through the initial short-listing stages.

These will be quoted and billed separately depending on the depth and number of selection criteria questions for which we need to assist.

Market conditions, your interview skills, experience level, qualifications, visa status and match against job requirements will be some examples of factors which will determine whether or not you are the right hire for that particular organisation. Our philosophy is to concentrate positively on the factors you can influence.

Of course, you are welcome to subscribe to follow our posts and articles on LinkedIn. Generalised advice will not take into consideration your exact sector, skill level or career objectives. These are snippets of advice which does not invest in understanding your total employment offering. If you would like more concentrated and focussed job coaching, this is also available for a monthly fee. This will inform on the steps you can take yourself to strengthen your value proposition.

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