Repetition in Resumes

To repeat, or not to repeat, that is the question!

Is repetition recommended? It depends on what attributes your potential next employer seeks. Did you read the job posting? What are your “Key Selling Points”?

When is repetition useful?

Repetition helps when your audience is looking narrowly for specific skills. It will also give you a higher rating in many automated Application Tracking Systems.

For example, the job you apply for may require “a career Accounts Payable officer with excellent experience using SAP”. If you have experience with both Accounts Payable and SAP, it would be helpful to restate this multiple times. Repeatedly mention these abilities in several sections: Introduction, Systems, Training, Job Title and Duty Descriptions. It might also be useful to mention your familiarity with specific modules, automated workflows (i.e. Kofax ReadSoft) or other relevant processes.

When is repetition not useful?

Repetition can also be applied poorly. One common mistake is when candidates blatantly copy and paste the duties from their previous role. For example, “creating vendors, Invoice processing, EFT and cheque runs” repeated in the same way across all jobs.

If your introduction self-proclaims you to be a “progressive” and “creative professional” who has “excellent written communication skills”. Make sure that your effective use of language and repetition reflects this.  

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