Looking for work during COVID 19?

Here’s why you need an Outplacement Service

It’s no secret that we are facing some of the toughest economic conditions seen in recent years. The COVID 19 pandemic continues its deadly sweep across the globe, causing massive economic upheaval.  

The Australian Bureau of Statistics website indicates that the unemployment rate increased from 7.1% in May 2020 to 7.4% in June 2020. Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has predicted this figure to hit 9.25% by December 2020. Naturally, without the help of the Government’s JobKeeper scheme keeping thousands of people in work, this rate would have been significantly higher.

Competitive job market

Let’s face it, the Australian employment market is way more competitive now than it was twelve months ago. The market is awash with newly retrenched and laid off candidates, all desperate to find work again. Many are unable to return to their former industries.

If you have been job seeking during this time, you might be having far greater difficulty in scoring interviews than you have had in more prosperous times. The reality is that your skills and experience alone, are no longer enough to get your foot in the door. In a candidate rich market, you need to present yourself comprehensively as the ultimate solution to the hiring company. Going through a major career transition, without the help of a Career Coach at an Outplacement Service, can be a challenging journey to take. 

What are Outplacement Services?

Outplacement Services provide career mentoring and support to retrenched or laid-off employees, as they transition into new avenues of employment. Employees are usually referred to these services by the organisation they are leaving, as a parting act of social goodwill. It tells staff that despite the economic conditions, we care deeply about your well being and future success. 

Why choose FutureProof Staffing?

As a boutique Human Resources provider, we offer a personalised service to both our clients and candidates. Our Company Director, Niki De Zilva, has worked in Recruitment for over twelve years and has developed a deep understanding of the critical drivers that form the core of virtually every industry. Niki researches prospective potential markets, skills, salary, and competition before carefully building a JobSeeker’s hiring proposal. 

Over the years, Niki has assisted thousands of candidates in converting job opportunities into job offers. She is a warm and caring Career Coach, who is passionate about helping others to reach their goals. Niki will give you all the pragmatic advice you need so that you can perform at your best.

Outplacement and Redeployment Care Packages – Individuals and Groups

On offer are our Outplacement and Redeployment Care Packages for individual candidates, as well as Group Outplacement Programs for large numbers of candidates. These packages can vary in length anywhere from 1 week up to 12 months. 

Executive Outplacement Service

We provide a bespoke Executive Outplacement Service for Senior Executives to enable a smooth career transition into their next leadership role. By analysing the market demand and highlighting the value-add career achievements, we present them as a leader of choice.

Defence Transitioning

Our Outplacement Service is the preferred choice of military personnel who career transition from the Defence Force into mainstream occupations. We acknowledge the transferrable skills acquired by military staff during their careers. Our program can help you source roles in industries where your army background will serve you highly.

Let our Outplacement Service work for you!

Navigating your path to a new career in uncertain economic conditions presents multiple challenges. That’s why you need an understanding and committed Career Coach to guide you on your journey. 
Why not email your current resume to Niki@futureproofstaffing.com to receive an appraisal for how we can assist you with landing that new job opportunity.

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