Job Seekers – Mind Your Positioning!

How are you branding yourself as a job seeker?

Critically, potential hiring employers will view your suitability based on what you tell them. It is important to remember that your profile will offer a different value proposition to every potential employer. Finally, we need to uncover the hiring context and pain points of every position vacancy.

Six common job seeker stereotypes;

1. An enthused graduate who will go the extra mile to impress

2. Affable new immigrant with bundles of skills ready to apply

3. Plenty of local experience working for similar companies

4. Intermediate professional who can process and problem-solve

5. Super-qualified people manager who is looking to take a step down

6. The high-flying executive who brings strategic clarity and leadership

Your value proposition is important

Naturally, whether you are successful or not will depend on how your value proposition compares with other applicants. Moreover, how do you match up the hiring manager’s objectives? It should be noted that the person with the highest level of paper qualification does not necessarily get the job. Hiring would be easy if the recruitment process only took paper qualifications into account. Instead, employers also have subjective ideas about what qualities they are seeking. 

Job context determines job fit

Above all, each job vacancy sits with a unique office context. Therefore, recruiters and hiring managers will be looking to balance your experience, personality and salary level with that of the rest of the existing team. Beyond a defined set of skills, employers are also looking to build a particular working culture and office dynamic. How will employing you, instead of someone else, bring greater benefit to the company and the broader team?

The key takeaway

In short, to solve the unwritten vacancy requirements, you must first understand the underlying context of the position. Smart job seekers will first research the company’s pain points and ask about the team. These candidates will then present their value upon careful consideration of the selection criteria, team context and needed outcomes. In conclusion, always begin your career story with the employer’s end goals in mind.

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