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Merely producing monthly reports is inadequate

It is short selling yourself, when highly qualified professionals reduce their resume to a basic shopping list of duties or tasks. A huge portion of Accounting & Finance hopefuls entirely miss the point of many month-end criteria. Closing off month-end on time is a given. What you need to showcase is your value-add.

Continual improvement

Try describing the process you undertook to produce a prompter, visually rich, and streamlined reporting pack that has useful meaning for the reader.

Fine-tune delivery processes

Introduce methods to significantly improve the accuracy of budget forecasts, accruals, and overall report integrity. Communicate these methods when requested

Demonstrate influence

Collaborate with key Executives, Operational Managers, and Team Members to optimise future results. Act as an inclusive point of contact to enable positive upward and downflow management

Effective Communication
Open-minded communication works. Listen, process and response professionally and without personal emotion. The best accounting professionals know how crucial proactive liaison, jargon-free knowhow, and a brain full of fresh ideas will build their organisations.

Our job market shows a sharp recovery
Demand for quality applications has never been higher. Yet 95% of JobSeekers are swiftly rejected at the application stage. One Finance Manager in my network recently commented: 

‘JobSeekers are not only frustrated but also confused, scared, angry, and probably million other emotions are with them during this process. They want to understand what is going on. Why is their application is not even considered in the running to go further to a phone interview?’

Go the extra mile

Have your cover letter address the specific criteria. Provide evidence that you are the right fit and deserve the job. Keep your updated resume on hand as you never know when a dream opportunity might call for it. Have a LinkedIn profile that is worthy of your talent.  

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