Career Mentoring

A career counsellor and mentor is an excellent way of ensuring that you are always putting your strongest self forward in the current job market. A Career Mentoring package provides you with a priority service consultant on as many or few applications as you require. It also has the flexibility of your consultant being on-call for when you need their assistance.

Our guarantee is to improve the quality and targeting of your current Job-Seeker efforts. Our +15 years employment market expertise is based on thousands of successful placements. FutureProof Staffing will typically review, reject, rewrite and short-list hundreds of resumes a week.

Our Career Mentoring package will equip you with intensive assistance over an extended period of time. This support is flexible and can be used all within the first month or spread out over an extended period.

Services Your 3 Hour Mentoring Package Includes
3 Hour Package Investment: $499 + GST

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